Cardboard Candle Cover - Candelabra - Antique Ivory

Cardboard Candle Cover - Candelabra - Antique Ivory
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  • Item #: FD-C-AI

Our cardboard candle covers are reminiscent of the paper candle covers found on many antiques. We believe that our more decorative beeswax or resin candle covers will create a much greater visual impact on your fixture, however if price is important these will provide an economical but basic upgrade option for your fixture. These cardboard candle sleeves are available from 2" to 8" tall but may be carefully trimmed to size with a sharp utility knife.

  • Interior diameter: 13/16".
  • Exterior diameter: 15/16".
  • Also available for U.S. medium base socket.
  • Also know as fiber drip.
  • Available 2", 3", 4", 6", 8".
  • May be safely trimmed to size.
  • For additional colors please scroll to bottom of page.
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Price $3.25

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