Smooth Beeswax Candelabra Custom Heights

Smooth Beeswax Candelabra Custom Heights
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Custom sized no drip (smooth) beeswax candle covers. Use our smooth beeswax candle covers for candelabra sockets when you want a clean, elegant look while retaining the beeswax look and texture. To view available colors click the 'Our Colors' link on the right but please note that not all colors are available with a smooth look. Please check the drop down colors menu below for color availability. We will custom manufacture these candle covers to your exact height specifications up to 8" tall. Just enter your exact height below in inches and fractions of an inch.

  • Inside diameter 13/16".
  • Outside diameter approximately 1".
  • Maximum 25 watt incandescent bulb.
  • Use any wattage LED bulb.
  • Not recommended for use with shades.
  • Not recommended with enclosed fixtures.
  • Hand-made to order.
  • Please allow 10-15 business days for completion.
  • Please note that heights above 6" are non-refundable.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: It is extremely important to measure and install beeswax candle covers correctly to ensure that they do not melt. For help determining the correct size just click here to view our Measurement & Installation page. Please note that custom heights taller than 6" are non-refundable.


OUR BULB RECOMMENDATION: For maximum wattage bulbs we recommed our 25 watt Krypton bulbs. These bulbs produce less heat and more light than a regular incandescent bulb. Both of these factors make them the ideal bulb to use with our beeswax candle covers when the maximum amount of light is desired. You may choose to add these in your options below at a 10% discount off normal pricing. If you need to use higher wattage bulbs please review our Resin Candle Covers page. 

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