Smooth Resin Candle Cover - Candelabra

Smooth Resin Candle Cover - Candelabra
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  • Item #: R-CS-ND

For our customers who need to use higher wattage, we carry our resin line. These resin candle covers are made from a hard resin material that simulates the look of beeswax and are safe up to 60W. This candle cover fits over a U.S. candelabra socket. Smooth (no drips) candle covers can be used when you want a clean, elegant look. They also are ideal for a more contemporary look. These candle covers are avaialble at 4" and 6" tall but please click here if you need a custom height.

  • Available in Ivory and Honey
  • Up to 6" tall
  • Custom heights also available
  • Safe with up to 60 watt bulb
  • If using shades maximum 25 watt bulb
  • Inside diameter: 13/16"
  • Outside diameter: 1-1/8" approx
  • Also available for medium base socket
  • Also known as polyresin or polybeeswax
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